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Hotel Ciudad de Jaca

Jaca is located at the Northwestern area of the Autonomous Community of Aragon, in the border with France and it is a perfect destination to enjoy of winter sports but, also, to discover the incredible heritage of this city.

Jaca Cathedral

The cathedral was built in the 11th century and is the first of Romanesque style of the country. It was built to give importance to the city which is part of the French Way. In addition, inside of it is placed the Diocesan Museum whose rooms surround the cloister.

International station of Canfranc

This is an imposing building with different architectonical influences finished in 1914 and connected France and Spain.

Nowadays, the facilities can be visited always with previous booking as the groups must be formed by a limited number of people.

Citadel of Jaca

It was built to defend the city from troops from southern France. It was part of a Pyrenean defense network and its construction was intended to appease possible internal revolts, in addition to defending the city from external attacks.